LED-10YS(下拉式), LED-10YD(下拉式)
Emergency Recess Mounted LED Exit Sign Plate

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Model No. LED-10YS(下拉式), LED-10YD(下拉式)
Housing Metal materials with Epoxy Powder Coating
Rechargeable Battery Ni-Cd/Ni-MH 6V 1300mAh
Recharge Period 12 Hours
Normal Output <= 3.5W
Inner Features Fire Resistant P.C. Board & UL Fire Resistant Wire
Outside Features “RED” power indication light & “TEST” Switch
Discharge Duration Over 2 Hours
System Mode Maintained Type
Testing Standard HKFSD Licensing & Certification Command: Fire Service (Installations and Equipment Regulations) (Cap. 5.10)
Anti-Counter Feint Features Body Anti-Counter Feint Laser Label, Inner Sticker HI LUX QC PASS
Input Voltage 220V ~ 240V AC 50/60Hz
Weight Case Box: 2.2kg + Plate: 0.8kg
Dimensions (mm) Bottom: 415 x 85 x 80, Cover: 470 x 100 x 5 + Plate: 350 x 180 x 9
Style LED-10YS(下拉式): Single Side Plate

LED-10YD(下拉式): Double Side Plate

Optional Function Flashing Device Function