Hi Lux Emergency Lighting Company Limited is a professional emergency lighting manufacturer and supplier that was established in 1999. It is a separate division from the electronic department of Fung Tat Trading Company. Our products mainly are classified into the following six categories:

  1. Twin-Heads Automatic Emergency Lights,
  2. Emergency Fluorescent Light Fittings,
  3. All styles of Emergency Exit Sign Boxes,
  4. Emergency Fluorescent Units,
  5. All kinds of LED Emergency Lighting Products, and
  6. Various kinds of “Photoluminous Types” Fire Equipment Signs and Low Level Directional Signs.

Fung Tat Trading Company is an experienced company in the manufacturing of emergency lighting products since 1982. Our products had a worldwide distribution until 1997, after that we focused our service on the local market since our Twin-Heads Automatic Emergency Lights are the first HKFSD approved Emergency Lights in 1997 on the local market. In order to meet the demands of our local clients, our products Hi Lux Emergency Light are able to achieve several certifications like. 1) the emergency light to meet with all criteria of PPA/104(A) four edition of the HKFSD Licensing & Certification Command in 2007. 2) part of our product line achieved CE approval issued by SGS Hong Kong Ltd in 1999. 3) and in 2002 we also attained ISO9001:2000 Edition, a certification approved by SGS (HongKong) Ltd.

As a result our company achieved the title of “The Emergency Light” in Hong Kong, an indication of our customers faith in our business. We continue to expand our business with “after sales” service that is second to none, all our products enjoy a “one year warranty” except when damages occurred are man-made or a cause of natural disaster. After the expiration of the warranty, all products enjoy continued repair and maintenance, whereby only spare parts are charged and the labour cost is free.

Our company always tries to adhere to the following three principles:

  1. to achieve better quality
  2. to diversity our product range and meet the market requirement
  3. and to give our customers 100% product/service satisfaction

In order to achieve our principles, recently, our factory has been expanded and equipped new sheet metal CNC Punch Equipment, hence not only we could improve our products continuously easier and dramatically shorten R&D processes period, but also offer rapid sheet metal product solution both in prototype or design for clients, which shorten their R&D period and also simplify design process. Moreover, we welcome any size of sheet metal processing (such as equipment metal cases or chassis) or processing of production of electronic products (such as rechargeable lights) co-operation opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.